Welcome Family – Friends – Strangers,

I’m new to the world of blogging, so I hope you’ll stand by me while I figure it out.  I did graduate from college, however, they still gave me a degree despite not having the greatest grammar and comma usage skills 🙂

I’ve been known to have personality with equal parts honesty, sarcasm, and a dry sense of humor.

I’m excited to share my thoughts, opinions, inspirations, my Photography, stories about maneuvering through a Happy Marriage, experiences with pregnancy and first time parenthood, and any and all happenings on the crazy journey of life.

Love: My Husband, My Baby Boy, Family, Our Fur-Babies, Friends, Music, Traveling, Wine, Sweets, Laughing, the Outdoors, Weekends, Pop Culture, Women Empowerment, Crafting, and Anything Vintage or Old Fashioned.




Photo Credit: Kristin Hornberger Photography