Tuesday Tip – Find your Motivation and listen to PODCASTS!

How many of you actually listen to podcasts?  I tried several years ago but couldn’t ever find ones I cared to follow  (and who has time??).  I don’t really have the time but I’ve listened to two already this week so I plan to start making the time. It seems as though they’re becoming a popular trend so there are more out there to choose from.

Last month my BFF sent me a book, Business Boutique by Christy Wright.  It literally arrived the day before vacation.  I pictured myself lounging by the pool with my new reading material.  I read a little on the drive down and I was instantly motivated.  It was like she was speaking to me and it was only the Foreword.  Then, I quickly realized with a one year old and about 70 other people on our vacation, I wasn’t getting much reading done that week. Now I’ll make time to finish the book at home.

I found her on each social media platform. I’ve watched several of her Instagram stories and basically fell in love with how real she is. Her stories and tips are so relate-able to how my life is these days. She’s a successful author, business coach, Dave Ramsey affiliate, wife, and mom of young kids.

And guess what, she has a Podcast!! Woot!!

Today, during my workout, I (skipped ahead) listened to Episode 48: 5 Ways to Grow Your Business This Summer . Multitasking at it’s finest! She got me AGAIN!  I don’t want to give away all of the episode details, because you should listen, but she interviews the only and only Rachel Hollis of Girl Wash Your Face. Another one of my favs.  These two ladies are very successful business owners and want nothing more than to help other women and moms succeed in business. It’s so motivating for me to hear how to make my dreams become a success.  It was exactly the motivation I needed again today.

The Ways:

  1. “Make ONE sacrifice” — Whether it be waking up early to get work done, making myself have “office hours” a couple days a week, or spending some evenings working.  Most of this is what I already do. I’m a company of one, so if I don’t do it, no one will.
  2. “Build One Key Relationship” — I LOVE meeting new people. There is always someone out there who can teach me something (and vice versa).  I love geeking out with other fellow photographers.  There’s only so much my Husband can listen to.
  3. “Do ONE new thing” — I’m going to to some soul searching for this challenge. It may be a Facebook Live video or it may be offering a new type of product.
  4. “Make ONE investment” — As a photographer, investing time and money is a MUST. I enjoy learning new skills and especially love getting new equipment.
  5. “Do ONE thing that makes you uncomfortable” — Luckily I like to take chances.  I learn from everything I do.  If I fall on my face I usually dust myself off and try again.

I plan to follow each of these tips this summer.  Finally, I have a better office space set up at home.  For me to be (and feel) successful, I have to be organized.  I am able to stay home with my child and do the work I’ve always wanted to do.  My husband works very hard outside of the house and this allows me to be able to grow my passion!  For this, I am forever grateful.  I have so much more to learn and improve on but there are so many resources and people out there for me to turn to.  I’m not afraid to ask for help.

Find your motivators ..

and listen to podcasts.


If you have a Business – Mom Life – Photography podcast recommendation, please share with the rest of us and leave it in the comments!


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