Carter’s First Year in Milestones



Carter is a little over 10 pounds.  He is smiling and cooing, loves looking at lights, he’s traveled to Tennessee, loves riding in the car but still hates stoplights and stop signs.  He’s not a fan of napping too long but does enjoy cuddling instead.  He got to see snow for the first time.



Carter found his hands and figured out they can grasp fingers and toys.  He loves to cuddle his burp cloths, kicks his feet, holds his head up almost perfectly, smiles when we smile at him, follows sounds, loves watching tv, and sticks out his tongue.  Unfortunately, he has inherited Mommy and Daddy’s dry skin.



Carter has found his voice and loves to babble and squeal.  He has the sweetest little bashful smiles, he’s eating oatmeal in his bottles and getting ready to start trying baby foods.  He recognizes Mommy and Daddy, loves watching Friends and Mickey Mouse, he can roll from his belly to his back (still hates tummy time), and he’s still sleeping all through the night (sometimes 10 hours!!). Mommy has gone back to work, so he gets to spend his days with family.



Carter is chewing on everything, basically loves every food (puree) that goes in his mouth, we are getting so close to a consistent giggle, but he does smile all of the time.


Carter is a little over 17 pounds, he eats everything we put in front of him – and he’s not very patient if we don’t shovel it in fast enough  – chews on everything, sitting up and balancing pretty often, sat up in a shopping cart for the first time, he’s playing with toys, and loves to smile and giggle.


Carter giggles until he gets the hiccups, eating more solid foods and snacks, holds his own bottle, sits up a majority of the time, has 2 teeth coming through and still hates tummy time!


Carter is now pulling up his knees, he just hasn’t figured out yet that he can move them.  He officially has two adorable little front teeth on the bottom, we can’t leave him on the bed unattended because he rolls around, still eating anything we give him, he loves to climb up on us, he has had a couple of sleepovers with the grandparents and loves to squeal and jabber.


Carter is officially mobile and is crawling!  He is 21 pounds and 28.5 inches tall.  He pulls himself up and still only has two teeth.


Carter is the funniest little boy we know.  His first (most clear) word is “uh oh”, we’re starting to get Momma and Dadda.  He gets so excited and has so many new facial expressions.  He’s a crawling fool and pulls up on everything.  He is walking with assistance and walker toys.