There is a new guy in town

In true new mom fashion… this baby boy is almost 3 months old and I’m finally getting his BIRTHday blog done 🙂

I woke up after different feeling of pressure “down there”.  I peeked at the clock from beneath the cozy comforter. It was Saturday, November 5th just before 8 o’clock AM.  We had plans to wake up early to go vote before the crowds gathered at the polls.  Casey was still sleeping so I laid there for a few more minutes.  I felt like I should probably wake up and go for my morning pee (well not the first one of the morning of course).  I nudged Casey and asked if he still wanted to go vote.  He asked what time it was.  It was now 8 o’clock.  I crawled out of bed and there it was, my water had broken!!  Side-note: I had been dreading throughout my entire pregnancy that my water would be the dreaded GUSH and it would be somewhere in public.  Luckily, it wasn’t the big gush but it was a puddle (on the floor… yay for not having to wash the sheets!)

The following conversation ensued (probably not exactly verbatim but you get the jest)

“Uh, babe… I think my water broke!”        

“Huh? What?”

“Okay wait hold on, okay yeah.  Will you get me a towel?”

Hallelujah! He’s coming early! I was so convinced he would be late.

Next, we called my parents.  Even though my Dad isn’t a baby doctor, he is a doctor so I always call him to ask about whatever medical ailments I may have.  Of course, after explaining what was going on, he said to call our doctor.

My water continued to drip but the contractions really hadn’t started yet.  When we finally got the phone call back from our doctor and I wasn’t contracting much yet (other than the Braxton Hicks I had been having for a while), he told us to wait until around noon and if they hadn’t started by then to go ahead and come into the hospital.

He’s coming!! We’re going to be parents!

Since we had time, I managed to take a shower, dry and straighten my hair, and paint my fingernails (it had been on my to-do list) and Casey got himself ready.  Fortunately, I had everything packed and waiting in the guest room.  After I was ready, I had started contracting so I planted myself at the dining room table (with a towel between my legs), so I could issue directions to Casey of what needed to be done next (that works best for us when we are trying to get out of the house and can’t forget anything).

Around 11:00 AM, we decided it was probably time to head to the hospital.


When we got to the hospital we checked in at the desk.  Luckily for us, our nurse for the afternoon/evening is a family friend.  It was the first time I’d met her but for some reason it instantly helped with my nerves.  Casey went back down to get our belongings while and I got changed, filled out paperwork, and put into the bed.

My parents arrived a short time later.  After everyone decided what they were going to have for lunch (I got popsicles), my mom and I went for a walk.  It was a great little opportunity for one last conversation, just my mom and me… before I became a mommy.

When we got back, Casey’s mom had arrived.  Casey, his mom, and I went for another brief walk before the nurse hooked me up to the epidural, Pitocin, and the (amazing) catheter.  I dunno about the rest of you Mommas out there but being so pregnant (for what felt like forever) and having to pee what seemed like every 10 minutes, I was ready for something to take care of that part for me!!


Over the next few hours Casey’s sisters arrived, the nurses came in to check my cervix for dilation progression, our doctor came in a few times to check on us and to tell me to get some rest (uh yeah right). He said we should have a baby boy by midnight. The labor was pretty much spent “getting checked”, flipping from my left side, my right side, or my back while propping a big green balloon between my knees to help with the dilatation, Pitocin on, Pitocin off, and breathing through contractions.

Everyone napped… I watched tv.

The contractions gradually became more intense over time.  They started out as an annoying pressure in my butt, which turned into more of an intense pressure, and then at some point the epidural had started to wear off.  Holy crap! How do you women do it without drugs?! No way Jose! The pressure was excruciating.  I attempted to try to “breathe” through the contractions but I couldn’t handle it much longer.  Finally, after the pain was bad enough it made my physically sick, they called for the anesthesiologist to come back to administer an additional medication. So much relief.

Midnight came and went.  Everyone continued to nap on and off.  Because of the contractions and having to be flipped back and forth, there wasn’t any sleeping for me.

Around 3 o’clock in the morning and only at 8 centimeters, Dr. Stoll came in and spoke the most marvelous words I had heard all day… “Let’s do a C-section”…  20 HOURS later from where we started the morning before.

Tears instantly began to fill my eyes.  Not sure if it was from the lack of sleep, the fact that he was finally going to be here, or the fact that the labor was FINALLY over.  I’m going to say it was a combination of all three.  Shit was gettin’ real.  Everyone was up and moving around at that point.  Several nurses came in to get me “prepared”, our belongings were getting packed up, and Casey was changing into scrubs and being instructed on what he would be doing.  I was getting nervous and overwhelmed.  I also said a quick prayer that Casey wouldn’t pass out in the operating room if he managed to see any blood (or my insides).

They wheeled me out into the hall and it was SO BRIGHT. I had never been so tired in my life.  I couldn’t keep my eyes open. It was all happening so fast. I was trying to listen to everything everyone was saying to me and to each other. When we arrived in the operating room they put me onto a board and into another bed. I was so cold. I just let everyone else do the work for me. The nurses were setting up the room and getting me ready.  I heard Casey come in. So tired.  Everything was happening so fast and I couldn’t make out what anyone was saying to me.  I was pretty scared but I put my trust into everyone there.  The next thing I knew, I was experiencing another (even worse) excruciating pain.  I thought the contractions from earlier were bad but nope this was worse.  The doctor was baring down on my pelvic bone and essentially “yanking” on me to get the baby out. I couldn’t help but scream and cry.  I was trying so hard to keep it together but that was it for me. Casey was right there holding my hand and attempting to help me breathe through the pain. The anesthesiologist administered a sedative and a very short time  later I felt relief.

Next, I heard him cry.

“Baby, he’s here! He’s here!”

William Carter Schwab arrived at 3:51 AM weighing in at 7 pounds 5 ounces.


Casey asked if they had all of his fingers and toes. They confirmed.

They cleaned him off, weighed him, wrapped him up, and handed him to Casey. At this time, the sedative had kicked in and I felt like I was on one of the worst hallucinogenic trips of my life (and I’ve never even tried hallucinogens).  Casey brought him down to my face so I could see his beautiful face.  Even though, mentally, I was in outer space, I do remember seeing our beautiful baby boy for the first time.  The sedative effects were so weird.  I could hear and see everything but I couldn’t react.  It was a weird out of body experience that I just wanted to end.

The entire surgery went pretty quick. Next thing I knew, they were putting me back onto the other bed and rolling me into the recovery area.  I remember being SOOOO tired, weak, and still very out of it. It was pretty chaotic.  I was able to hold him for a short time. Because of the chaos, we didn’t remember to take any pictures of me holding Carter right after he was born.  The photographer in me is totally kicking myself now but because of the chaos, I forgive myself and I’ll remember for next time. However, we did capture precious moments with Daddy. Casey was so ecstatic.  He just kept telling me how cute he was.

We were finally parents. He was really here!

We found out later, the labor wasn’t progressing any further because Carter was face up. The really painful delivery was due to him being so far down into the birth canal after such a long labor and became “stuck”. (Yeah, makes total sense, and um OUCH!) Thankfully there were no other complications and he was perfectly healthy.

Over the next couple of days Carter met some of his new family members, learned how to breastfeed, got his first bath, got his first footprints, took lots of naps, got lots of snuggles, and Mommy and Daddy changed plenty of diapers. He is the most perfect little human being we ever laid our eyes on.

First Bath

First Footprints


The newest William Schwab

William Laurence Schwab

William Anthony Schwab

William Casey Schwab

William Carter Schwab


Since I was healing nicely from the c-section and Carter was already doing so good, we broke out of the hospital a day early (with the doctor’s permission of course).  It’s amazing how quickly the walls start to close in on you when you don’t have anywhere to go and no one is getting good sleep (insert wink face emoji).  Casey and I were more than ready to get home, spread out, and start our new life with our new perfect little bundle of joy.

The nurses, doctors, lactation consultants, and staff at the IU Health Bloomington Hospital were amazing.  They truly helped us transition into our new rolls as parents as smoothly as possible.

Stay tuned for more…

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