And then there were 3 …

In February of 2016, we found out our little family of 2 adults and 2 fur-babies would be joined with a real baby in November.

Casey and I of have always wanted to be parents, so we didn’t waste much time with the trying process. (insert smiley winky face emoji)

Fast forward to February.  We were planning a weekend trip to Louisville to visit Casey’s sister and also meeting up with some other friends.  I hadn’t “started” yet so I figured I’d better take a test just in case then I would know if I could have a few cocktails or not.  This was the second time in a few months I had been late, but I somewhat chalked it up to just not being regular. (sorry for the TMI) Now looking back at the actual test, turns out it was positive.  I think I was 50% in denial and 50% didn’t read the test instructions very well.  During the whole conception process I’d really been trying to not be that crazy-test-taking-chick and worrying myself about every little deviation from the norm. I just assumed if I was pregnant I would know. We carried on with our weekend plans and I figured I would just take another test if I still hadn’t “started” after the weekend.

Monday morning Casey was already gone for work and I thought to myself, okay first pee of the day, I’ll take a test.  Indeed there was a second line but it was pretty faint.  Hmm… maybe… nah … I’ll see what it looks like when I come home for lunch. I left it on the counter in the bathroom thinking maybe it just needs to dry (haha, totally clueless). Surprise surprise nothing had changed while I was at work. When I went back to work after my lunch break I was convinced maybe I just need to get a better, more expensive test.  Yeah, that’s it! If I had a better test maybe there would be fireworks and confetti and that would convince me that I was, in fact, pregnant. I texted one best friend in California (who had just given birth) and another best friend in New York (who was already pregnant) for the brand name of the test they had used.  At this point I had taken a picture on my phone of the two tests (with the faint second lines) and sent it to each of them and explained my logic in wanting to try different tests.  One said something along the lines of “uh yeah I wouldn’t waste any money on more tests, you’re pregnant”!!! The other said “um, you’re f**king pregnant”.  Well then I had to apologize for having told them this exciting, life changing news via text. Oh well, that’s what best friends are for right?!  Even after that I still needed a little more convincing. I finally texted Casey and filled him in on what I’d been up to during the day, all the while not trying to freak him out.  I told him what the girls had said but ensured him I would still take another test.  Screenshot_2016-03-13-17-38-21.png

I got home, he greeted me at the door, and ushered me to the bathroom where another test was waiting. And wouldn’t you know it that sucker had a second line too.  Okay, now I believed it (a little bit more).

We decided we had to tell someone, so we called his parents and invited ourselves to dinner.  We had a ziploc with the three pregnancy tests and plopped it down onto the counter. I had my phone out ready to record.  In an effort to not make it so obvious, we were just able to get audio, but you’ll get the gist. See video below.

My parents were out of town on a cruise. Not only was I unable to talk with them on the phone, but we had to wait a week to make plans to come home.  Needless to say it was a long week! My mom’s birthday had just passed (before we found out the pregnancy news), my sister-in-law and I coincidentally gave her the same gift this year (a birthday present Mini for her Nora Flemming platter).  We went home for a cookout with my parents, my older brother and his family. We had my sister-in-law’s business partner make a onesie, I wrapped it, and pretended I just found a different birthday gift for her.   See video below.


After we revealed the news at lunch, we Facetimed my younger brother and his wife. However, since he was working we revealed the news to her (Auntie Claire) then we were able to get ahold of my brother while he was working. Our next phone call was to my Grandma (on my mom’s side) then my Mom’s best friend Jane. It was finally becoming more real since that we were able share the news.

Since my siblings knew, we just needed to come up with a plan to tell Casey’s sisters.  His birthday is in March, so we hatched a plan to have him open a fake present when we were able to all get together for dinner. Inside were two t-shirts actually for the girls that would reveal the news. See video below.


Needless to say they were excited.  I won’t mention who was the one that shed a few tears 🙂

We actually got into see the Doctor a little earlier than normal because I was having some cramping, which turned out to be nothing abnormal.  Luckily for us, we got to see our little peanut and it became very real.


After we hit the 12 week mark, we were able to share the news with the rest of our family and friends.  Based on the responses and how excited everyone was, we could already tell our little boy or girl would be a very loved baby.

In June 2016, we hosted a Gender Revel party with a “Touchdowns or Tutus” theme. We opted for the blood test (it’s a option out now that they use to collect data, and only cost us $10) so we could find out early and be 100% certain.  I had taken a little card for our doctor’s office to send to the ONE AND ONLY person who would know ahead of time, my Mom’s best friend, Jane.  My Mom constructed the cutest football shaped pinata wearing a pink tutu and Jane filled it with candy the color of the gender.  All I had to do was come up with the ideas, shop for the candy, and the two most creative ladies I know made my vision come true.  We ate yummy homemade food and socialized with everyone before Casey and I took our places to pull the ribbons on the pinata.  When we both pulled, the pinata fell to the floor (instead of the bottom coming off)!!! For half a second, I thought well crap, that didn’t go as planned.  But then I realized I needed to see what color the candy was.  It was BLUE!!! We are having a BOY!!! Casey shook out the rest of the candy and the kids came running after it.  Wow, what an emotion I wasn’t expecting to have.  We were both SO ecstatic to know what we were having.  Casey gave me the biggest hug and kiss while I wiped away my tears of excitement.  After that, it was really real.


We already had a name picked out for him. William Carter Schwab.  His first name is after Casey’s paternal Grandfather (William Lawrence), Dad (William Anthony), and himself (William Casey).  Obviously Casey and his Dad go by their middle names.  Our little guy will also go by his middle name.  We chose the name Carter after Casey’s best friend (Joe Carter) who passed away a few years ago.  We only wish Joe could have been here to meet him.

At 20 weeks we had our 2nd ultrasound.  We got to see him moving around in there, opening his mouth, and moving his arms.  Such a cool experience.  We’re pretty sure he already has long arms and legs like his Daddy.


As I write this, I’m finishing the first week of my 3rd trimester. Between now and November our plans consist of a 3D ultrasound, our Baby Shower, car seat installation, hospital bag packing, building Carter’s new things, washing new little boy clothes, and preparing our house for a family of 3. Oh yeah and as much rest as possible for me!

Casey and I have never been more excited for the next chapter in our life together.

Stay tuned …

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