Meet Mr. and Mrs.

I’ll start out with a little background on us.  In the Spring of 2012, I was living in Terre Haute, my hometown, unemployed for the first time since I was 16 years old (not by choice), ready to sell my house and get the heck out of dodge (aka Terre Haute) and START OVER.  Thankfully, my house didn’t take long to sell, so I had my chance.  In addition to changing my location, I also had plans to change my career field.  I was completely over the politics and nepotism in the law enforcement field.  Yeah, yeah I should have known that going into it, but hey my 20 year old self was obviously pretty naive at the time. I was accepted to Indiana Wesleyan for my Masters in Business Administration.  I found an apartment on the north side and started packing.  If you’re from a small town, then you’ll understand my urgency.

In July of 2012, I was introduced Casey. We met up for dinner and we’ve literally been inseparable since.  We immediately hit it off with conversation and interests. It has been almost 4 years since we have started this journey.  We have learned the work a real relationship takes.  We’ve learned to live together, combine our money (that’s been fun), formulated very close relationships with each others families, and we’ve seen each others Best’s and Worst’s.  Just like any relationship we know we will be “learning” for the rest of our lives, but I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else in this world but him.


OUR WEDDING DAY was June 25th 2015.  We were so fortunate to have the opportunity to be married on the white sandy beach in Miramar Beach Florida (just next to Destin Florida).  Our bridal party consisted of my best friend and Matron of Honor, Molly, my two new sister-in-laws, Monica and Mallory, his Best Man was his cousin, Jason, and my two brothers, Chris and Adam.  Our niece, Olivia, and nephew, Timmy, were the Ring Bearer and Shell Girl (we used shells rather than flowers, appropriate right?!).


Our day started with a quiet breakfast with both sets of our parents at The Donut Hole.  Of course, we hadn’t been following too close to too many traditions, so we were very happy to enjoy this special morning with just our parents.  We even had enough time to relax a little before we had to start getting ready.  When everyone was dressed and ready to go, Casey and I were finally ready to have our “First Look”.  I had to talk my mom into it but BY FAR we were so happy with this decision.  It was a very special moment for us and we have some of the greatest pictures.


On June 25th 2015, at 6:45 p.m. our ceremony began and ended when we were pronounced Man and Wife.  My Dad finally gave me away (and/or got me off payroll, same difference).  It was truly a memory I will cherish for the rest of my life.  While we walked down the sandy isle we just chatted and both tried to soak in the awesome scenery.  During the ceremony we were honored to have my brother’s wives (our sister-in-laws) do a scripture reading from 1 Corinthians 13. We also had Casey’s (and now my) cousins read a poem we found about missing those who couldn’t be there but they were there in spirit.  I must admit, it did make me a little weepy remembering that we were missing some very important people in our lives during that ceremony.  However, we know they would have been there if “Heaven weren’t so far away”.  There was a steel drum playing in the background and the ocean’s waves were crashing right by us.  To me this is what dreams were made of.  We said our Vows, exchanged our Rings, and listened very intently to the words of our Officiant.  He wasn’t someone we had known for years, but we had talked several times on the phone prior to arriving in Florida.  The words of wisdom and the advice he gave are things we will remember for years to come.  When all of that was over, Don finally told Casey he could KISS HIS BRIDE!  I remember wiggling with excitement that we had actually done it.. we were actually Husband and Wife!  Next, we finished up our pictures with our bridal party and let them head out for dinner while we did our final shots during the sunset.  After pictures we headed to our Dinner.  Even though we had a small gathering for dinner, all of the excitement and socializing, it is true, you really don’t eat on your Wedding night.  We did enjoy the bottle of Dom Perignon from my boss though.  We will never be able to truly show how grateful we are to have had be Wedding of our Dreams.  We are some pretty lucky kids to have the opportunity to be married the way we really wanted… small and personal.  We attribute that “luck” to our awesome parents for making it possible.



On July 17, 2015, about a month after our beach festivities, we had a reception at my parent’s property with nearly 250 guests.  We had great food, plenty of sweets, booze and we danced the night away.  We saved our First Dance as Husband and Wife, the Father-Daughter Dance, the Mother-Son Dance, our Cake Cutting, the Bouquet Toss and the Garter Toss for this party.


No detail was left untouched by myself and my Mom. I would come up with an idea and as usual she would make it happen.  Our guest book was a bench handmade out of two old dining room chairs (we will be able to read the messages for years to come), a treasure chest for cards, our Wedding cake was layers of sand buckets and sea creatures, cornhole boards, giant jenga, table hockey, King Kubb, a frame for a make-your-own photo booth, we displayed all of our trinkets from the ceremony including the sand pail used by our Shell Girl Olivia and the ring bearer box used by Timmy,

When we needed a little more time to celebrate, we payed our DJ to play a little bit longer and enlisted our photographer to stay a little bit longer as well.  To have all of our loved ones inside one area honestly made our dreams come true.  The only thing I would have given back was the 95-100 degree weather.. other than that We truly had the BEST PARTY EVER!!!

Stay tuned for what’s next …

Florida Photos: Sonja Revells Photography

Reception Photos: Kristin Hornberger Photography

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